Three girls missing after escape in Louisiana: Social media claims they are playing ‘crossovers’

Three girls, ages 12 to 16, missing after running away from home in Louisiana: Police fear for their safety, but social media posts claim they’re safe in Texas playing ‘crossovers’

  • Jandi Hughes, 16; Anna Barker, 14; and 12-year-old Olivia Carrier were last seen on Spur Drive in Denham Springs, Louisiana, around midnight on Thursday
  • Sheriffs in Livingstone Parish are appealing for help to find them amid concerns for their safety with a cold weather warning in place until Sunday
  • On Facebook, some users have shared social media posts made by the girls, in which they claim to be in Texas and ‘playing hide and seek’
  • Olivia even mocked a photo of herself that was used to raise awareness and claimed she was not 12 years old

Police in Louisiana are searching for three young girls who disappeared from their homes on Thursday night – but are apparently bragging about their disappearance on social media, calling it ‘hiding’.

Jandi Hughes, 16; Anna Barker, 14; and 12-year-old Olivia Carrier were last seen on Spur Drive in Denham Springs, Louisiana, around midnight Thursday.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office issued an appeal for information, saying, “No foul play is suspected. But with the temperature dropping, we hope to locate them as soon as possible.’

On Facebook, however, people shared screenshots of what they said were girls taunting police and mocking the search.

Jandi Hughes, 16, went missing from her home in Denham Springs, Louisiana, on Thursday evening

Olivia Carrier, 12, is the youngest of the missing girls

Anna Barker, 14, is also missing

Olivia Carrier, 12 (left) and 14-year-old Anna Barker (right) are also missing

Underneath the post, one person wrote: “They’re having fun with this. They claim to be in Texas.’

Olivia replied: ‘yes we did it’s called hide and seek.’

Livingston Parish shared this photo of the trio

Livingston Parish shared this photo of the trio

Others shared SnapChat messages from the girls.

“Let’s say we’re all the way in Texas,” Olivia wrote.

Denham Springs is 200 miles from the state line, with no passenger trains. A provisional driver’s license in the state could be obtained at the age of 16, but a source told that investigators are not convinced they ‘have the resources’ to drive to Texas.

In another post shared on Facebook, Anna apparently wrote: “Boy y’all fucked me on the runaway mom pic,” along with a laughing emoji.

One woman wrote on Facebook: ‘Jandy is posting on the video right now from a closed area stating that they are famous on fb and also well and they don’t want to be found.’

Another added: “I have yandi on snapchat and she thinks it’s a joke.”

One said: “I’m pretty sure they’re all together. According to Janda’s story, she won’t let ‘anything happen to her girls’.

And another commented: “That’s actually funny. She is 16 years old, she is not their ‘protector’. I would be so angry if I were the parents of these children.’

A spokesman for the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office told that they are aware of the social media posts and that detectives are investigating.

They urged anyone with information to come forward.


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