These are Joe’s worst articles, according to Reddit

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You may want to leave these items off your shopping list.

Key points

  • Trader Joe’s has a lot of favorite products, but not everything the store is worth buying.
  • Reddit users have pointed out some products that aren’t very good, including ranch dressing and queso cheese.

Trader Joe’s has many favorite products worth putting on your credit card. In fact, Trader Joe’s fan favorites like the store’s Unexpected Cheddar cheese and the Everything But the Bagel spice mix have won over customers nationwide and can be found in cupboards across the country.

But while Trader Joe’s is known for its tasty delights and affordable prices, not every product in the store does justice. In fact, many Redditors agree that there are some TJ’s products that are outright disasters.

So what are the worst Trader Joe’s products you might want to skip? Check out this list of four mistakes to find out which products to avoid.

1. Trader Joe’s Beef Pho Soup

Trader Joe’s Frozen Beef Pho Soup had many complaints with no defenders. Reddit users described the meal as “one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever eaten” and as “literally the worst pho I’ve ever eaten.” One user even tried to improve the taste with additional spices, but to no avail.

Unfortunately, because the product tastes like “unsalted beef juice,” it’s unlikely to earn a place in your freezer or on your table.

2. Ranch dressing

A good ranch dressing is a versatile delight that can be used to make a delicious healthy salad or enhance some homemade chicken wings. Unfortunately, you won’t find it at Trader Joe’s — at least according to Reddit users.

One poster said “the whole family refused to eat it, two kids and husband, saying it was the worst ranch they’d ever had,” and others chimed in to express their surprise that it wasn’t at the top of Trader’s most disliked items Joe.

The overly sweet taste is one of the biggest complaints, and the taste has been described as so bad that the entire bottle had to be thrown in the trash after one try.

3. Queso Cheese Dip

Trader Joe’s had another miss in an extra popular dip — the store’s Queso Cheese. The addition of apple cider vinegar as an ingredient in the product may help explain why more users reported having to ditch the cheese immediately.

The good news, however, is that you may not have to look for another store to fix the problem. That’s because, as other Reddit posters have said, “vegan queso is the bomb.” So, as long as you don’t need dairy in your cheese sauce, you might be better off trying that product.

4. Mayonnaise

In keeping with the trend, there’s evidence to suggest that Trader Joe’s just isn’t good at sauces and condiments. That’s because the store’s mayor drew a ton of complaints from Reddit posters, several of whom stated that their jar ended up in the trash.

One user described the taste as “totally rancid” and another said the taste was “so weird”. However, unlike some of the other products on this list, there were a few fans who disagreed with the long list of mayo haters. In fact, one poster said that the “yellow label mayo” was their “favorite mayo by far.”

The good news is that while these four items may not be popular, there are plenty of other Trader Joe’s products worth trying. Consider adding some of these Trader Joe’s holiday favorites to your shopping list if you really want to see where the store shines.

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