Seven people died in Russian airstrikes on Kherson on Christmas Eve


At least seven people were killed and 58 wounded in Russian airstrikes on the city center of Kherson on Christmas Eve, Ukrainian authorities said.

“The enemy mercilessly attacked the residential areas of the city of Kherson all day, 36 strikes were recorded.” “Russian shells hit critical infrastructure facilities, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shops, factories, private houses, apartment blocks,” Yaroslav said. Janusevic, head of Kherson regional military administration, announced in Telegram.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attacks as an act of “terror”.

“These are not military facilities,” Zelensky wrote on Telegram, adding that the attacks were “killings for intimidation and pleasure.”

“The world needs to see what absolute evil we are fighting,” he added.

It comes after Zelensky warned of a new wave of Russian attacks over Christmas.

In his late-night address on Friday after returning from a trip to the US, the Ukrainian president said: “As the holiday season is fast approaching, Russian terrorists could once again step up their activities,” he said. “They have no regard for Christian values ​​or any values ​​for that matter.”

Saturday marks 10 months since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

A rescuer helps an injured man after Russian shelling of the Ukrainian city of Kherson

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Ukraine has faced an onslaught of Russian artillery fire, missiles, shelling and drone strikes since early October, much of it targeting energy infrastructure in an attempt to cut power and heating services as the freezing winter progresses.

Shelling has been particularly intense in Kherson since Russian forces withdrew and the Ukrainian army retook the city in November.

Earlier Saturday, Donetsk regional governor Pavlo Kirilenko said two people had been killed and five wounded in shelling of the city over the past day.

They died in Kurakhovo, a town of about 20,000 people located 28 miles west of the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk.

About 60 shells hit three communities in the Nikopol area overnight, said Valentin Reznichenko, governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Stepne, a settlement on the outskirts of Zaporozhye, was also hit by shelling, but there were no details on the casualties, Governor Oleksander Starukh said.

Ukrainian forces have already repelled attacks on at least 17 eastern settlements on Friday.

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Ukrainian authorities added that Kremlin forces had carried out 12 missile and air strikes, including on civilian targets, far from the front lines in eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

The exiled mayor of the Russian-occupied Melitopol in the south said that more Russian troops had been brought into the town and that they had been strengthening the fortifications in recent days, and residents could now leave only on foot.

In its daily briefing on Saturday, the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that Russia has “probably limited” its long-range missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure to about once a week due to the limited availability of cruise missiles.

The ministry added that since October, Russia has reinforced its forces in Ukraine with tens of thousands of reservists.

“Despite alleviating current personnel shortages, ammunition shortages are likely to remain a key limiting factor for Russian offensive operations,” the report said.

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