Russian-Ukrainian war at a glance: what we know on the 334th day of the invasion | Russia

  • Germany will not “stand in the way” of Poland sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine, Foreign Minister Analena Berbock said, in what appeared to be the clearest signal yet from Berlin that European allies could supply German-made hardware. Asked in an interview with French television LCI what would happen if Poland sent its Leopard 2 tanks without German approval, Berbock answered through an interpreter: “For now the question has not been asked, but if it was asked we would not stand in the way.”

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised that Germany “will continue to support Ukraine – as long and comprehensively as necessary”, adding: “Together, as Europeans – in defense of our European peace project.” New German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius plans to visit Ukraine soon, he told a German newspaper.

  • Scholz said future decisions on arms deliveries would be made in coordination with allies, including the United States. Under pressure to allow the delivery of German-made tanks to Ukraine, the chancellor said that all arms deliveries to Ukraine have so far been carried out in close cooperation with Western partners.

  • Poland has announced that it is ready to deliver 14 Leopard tanks to Kiev, but is waiting for a “clear statement” from Berlin, in comments before an interview with German Foreign Minister Analene Berbock. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki criticized Germany’s failure to deliver tanks to Ukraine. “Germany’s attitude is unacceptable.” Almost a year has passed since the start of the war. “Innocent people die every day,” he said.

  • Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to Ukraine, where he said that “it’s time to double down and give Ukrainians all the tools they need to get the job done.” Downing Street said Rishi Sunak was “supportive” of Boris Johnson’s visit, despite warnings that it would undermine the current prime minister’s authority.

  • French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that he does not rule out the possibility of sending Leclerc tanks to Ukraine. “Regarding the Leclercs, I asked the Ministry of Defense to work on that. Nothing is ruled out,” he said, speaking at a summit with German Chancellor Scholz.

  • Russia claimed to have advanced in the Ukrainian region of Zaporozhye. After months of standoff in the southeastern region, Moscow-appointed officials say the front is now “mobile,” while Ukraine’s military reported 15 settlements were under artillery fire. “During offensive operations in the direction of Zaporozhye, units of the Eastern Military District occupied more favorable terrain and positions,” the Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday.

  • Zelensky promised that Ukraine would not tolerate corruption and promised to make key decisions on its eradication this week. “I want this to be clear: there will be no return to what was in the past, the way various people close to state institutions lived or those who spent their whole lives chasing the chair,” he said. night video address. The EU made anti-corruption reform one of its key conditions for Ukraine’s membership in the bloc, after it granted Kyiv candidate status last year.

  • The head of the Norwegian army estimates that 180,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded during the conflict, while the figure for the Ukrainians is 100,000 military casualties and 30,000 dead civilians.. Norwegian Defense Chief Eirik Kristoffersen presented the figures in an interview with TV2, without specifying how the figures were calculated. The figures cannot be independently verified.

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