Prospects in the Nordic eyewear market (Sweden, Denmark,

Dublin, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Nordic Eyewear Market (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland): Insights and Forecasts with Potential Impact of COVID-19 (2023-2027)” report has been added to the’s offering.

The Nordic eyewear market is projected to reach US$ 2.72 billion in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.29% during the period 2023-2027.

Growth in the Nordic eyewear market is supported by factors such as an aging population, increasing use of digital screens, increasing cases of myopia, growing e-commerce penetration, increasing disposable income, increasing use of sports eyewear and increasing prevalence of vision impairment. However, market growth would be driven by the increase in refractive surgery and the increasing use of cheaper frames and sunglasses.

The Nordic eyewear market can be categorized into the following sectors Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Sunglasses. In 2022, the dominant share of the Nordic eyewear market was held by the eyewear sector. The market is expected to experience certain trends such as increasing use of social media, increasing adoption of disposable lenses for daily use, fashionable glasses, growing digitalization, increasing awareness of eye problems.

COVID-19 has led to the closure of ophthalmology clinics and retail stores for an extended period. Postponement of non-emergency eye appointments has caused a drop in sales revenue for many players operating in the market. In addition, disruptions in production and transportation of eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, and sunglasses due to the pandemic also contributed to the decline of the eyewear market in 2020.

The Nordic eyewear market can be segmented into the following regions: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. In 2022, the dominant share of the Nordic eyewear market was Sweden, followed by Denmark, Norway and Finland. Considered a fashion hub, Sweden is witnessing people adopting eyewear as a fashion accessory, such as colored contact lenses, sunglasses and frames.

Report scope

  • The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Nordic eyewear market.
  • The main regional markets for the Nordic eyewear market (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) are analyzed.
  • Market dynamics such as growth drivers, market trends and challenges are analyzed in detail.
  • The competitive landscape of the market along with company profiles of leading players (Grand Vision, Specsaver, Sinsam, Krogh Optikk, OptiK Team, Sinologen AB) are also presented in detail.
Report Attributes Details
Number of pages 68
Forecast period 2023 – 2027
Estimated market value (USD) in 2023 2.39 billion dollars
Projected Market Value (USD) to 2027 2.72 billion dollars
Compound annual growth rate 3.3%
Regions Covered Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

Key topics covered:

1. Market overview

2. Impact of COVID-19
2.1 The impact of COVID-19 on the Nordic eyewear market
2.2 Growing penetration of Nordic e-commerce
2.3 Post-Covid scenario

3. Global market analysis
3.1 Nordic Eyewear Market by Value
3.2 Nordic Eyewear Market Forecast by Value
3.3 Nordic eyewear market by product
3.3.1 Nordic Eyewear Market by Value
3.3.2 Nordic Eyewear Market Forecast by Value
3.3.3 Nordic Contact Lenses Market by Value
3.3.4 Nordic Contact Lens Market Forecast by Value
3.3.5 Nordic Sunglasses Market by Value
3.3.6 Nordic Sunglasses Market Forecast by Value
3.4 Nordic eyewear market by region

4. Regional market analysis
4.1 Sweden
4.1.1 Swedish Eyewear Market by Value
4.1.2 Sweden Eyewear Market Forecast by Value
4.2 Denmark
4.2.1 Denmark Eyewear Market by Value
4.2.2 Denmark Eyewear Market Forecast by Value
4.3 Norway
4.3.1 Norway Eyewear Market by Value
4.3.2 Norway Eyewear Market Forecast by Value
4.4 Finland
4.4.1 Finnish eyewear market by value
4.4.2 Finland Eyewear Market Forecast by Value

5. Market dynamics
5.1 Drivers of growth
5.1.1 Population aging
5.1.2 Digital screen use on the rise
5.1.3 Increasing number of myopia cases
5.1.4 Growing penetration of e-commerce
5.1.5 Growing GDP
5.1.6 Increased use of sports glasses
5.1.7 Increase in the prevalence of visual impairment
5.2 Key trends and developments
5.2.1 Growing use of social media
5.2.2 Increased adoption of lenses for everyday use
5.2.3 Growing popularity of fashion glasses
5.2.4 Increase in digitization
5.2.5 Increasing awareness of eye problems
5.3 Challenges
5.3.1 Increasing Refractive Surgery
5.3.2 Increasing use of cheaper frames and sunglasses

6. Competitive landscape
6.1 Nordic Market
6.1.1 Nordic market share comparison – key players
6.2 Swedish market
6.2.1 Sweden market capitalization comparison – key players
6.3 Danish market
6.3.1 Denmark market capitalization comparison – key players
6.4 Finnish market
6.4.1 Finland market capitalization comparison – key players
6.5 Norwegian Market
6.5.1 Norway Market Share Comparison – Key Players

7. Company profiles
7.1 The big vision
7.1.1 Business overview
7.2 Sinsam
7.2.1 Business overview
7.3.1 Business overview
7.4 Sinologen AB
7.4.1 Business overview
7.5 Optics team
7.5.1 Business overview
7.6 Krogh Optikk
7.6.1 Business overview

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