Plum is launching its personal finance app in 5 more European countries

Author: Gloria Methri

Plum, the smart money app with 1.5 million users, has announced its launch in five new European countries: Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus.

Plum customers in these markets can now link their bank accounts to the app. With its unique automated tools, Plum helps people manage their finances and fight money inertia when it comes to making smart financial decisions. This includes helping people automatically set aside money on a regular basis, in line with their goals.

The app also allows its customers to diversify and grow their money over the long term with its stock investment service. People can invest up to 3,000 US stocks commission-free. They can start investing from as little as 1 euro through fractional shares in popular companies such as Google, Meta or Amazon.

Plum also offers a 100% biodegradable and recyclable VISA debit card, at no additional cost to its subscribers, allowing users to pay online, via Google Pay or directly at a merchant, or withdraw cash without additional fees anywhere in Europe.

Victor Trokoudes, co-founder and CEO of Plum, said: “We are thrilled to bring Plum to five new European countries and help people manage their finances there. This is a challenging economic period as people are experiencing levels of inflation not seen in decades, leading to cost of living challenges. The need for long-term financial resilience has never been clearer and we created Plum precisely to help people address this, helping to ensure that your money management is automated and wealth is looked after for the future.

The launch marks the next step in Plum’s European expansion, having previously launched in the UK, France, Spain, Ireland and Belgium. This means that Plum is now present in a total of 10 European countries.

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