IOTA Begins Live Beta Testing of Login Solution for Billion Dollar Market

  • IOTA has announced that it has begun beta testing its new privacy protection system as the year closes.
  • IOTA is proving to be one of the most promising distributed ledgers for 2023 and beyond.

In a recent Twitter announcement by Holger Kother, co-founder of SPICE.5, a platform that manages infrastructure and B2B services for IOTA and Shimmernet, Kother revealed that beta testing for his latest Shimmer infrastructure setup has ended.

This is a bullish step forward for IOTA, especially considering that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has been underwater for most of 2022. The conclusion of testing at such a speed comes as a huge surprise to the IOTA community, and also highlights the possibility of a new thing ahead of the new year for the platform.

Using SPICE technology, the team was able to facilitate testing. SPICE will also benefit builders and developers within the IOTA community. Kother explains that decentralized applications can be developed using SPICE.

Follows tweethe extends the utility of SPICE, saying ;

“With SPICE, we want to provide the best experience for builders and developers to get started quickly, so they can focus on what they do best: developing great dApps and implementing professional use cases on the most scalable network.” Today is the first step, which also helps us test our tools behind the scenes. Big TI to all testers.”

IOTA is moving towards launching a privacy-preserving login system

Meanwhile, IOTA also revealed on July 27 that it is working on a promising system. Dubbed “login with IOTA”, the privacy-preserving login system is focused on making Web2 and Web3 applications accessible to users across platforms.

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Excerpts from a blog post published on the official IOTA website explain the technology in more detail:

“The IOTA Foundation is developing a privacy-preserving Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)-based login system called Login With IOTA, which enables traditional (Web2) and decentralized (Web3) applications to easily engage with users.” In this system, users remain in full control of their data and will be able to securely share information as they see fit.”

The Login with IOTA project has been gaining popularity since March. That same month, IOTA launched what it called a “request for proposals” movement to help it find new partners to speed up the development of the project.

The submission of the proposal led to IOTA selecting the proposal from provides NFT, identity and wallet infrastructure for existing businesses and developers supporting cloud service management.

A demo of the web2 and web3 stream was also revealed in a video posted on Walt id’s YouTube. The IOTA demo login showed different ecosystems after login and the rest of the built-in process gives users the option to choose their preferred ecosystem.

The solution later brought “privacy-preserving login systems that can be easily integrated with any application and follow well-defined standards to achieve maximum interoperability.”

The goal of the project will be realized in the near future. The success of this new system could help IOTA’s overall growth and adoption as the leading distributed ledger in fintech and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

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