I shop at Sam’s Club more than ever. Here’s why

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A change in membership has made shopping at Sam’s easier than ever.

Key points

  • I recently signed up for a Plus membership at Sam’s Club, which allows me to get 2% cash back.
  • It also allows me to qualify for free shipping on online orders.
  • A Sam’s Club Plus membership also comes with savings on drugstore and vision purchases.

There are many great warehouse clubs, including Sam’s Club and Costco. Our family has always had a Sam’s membership, and we use the store to buy many essentials, from trash bags to toothbrush heads.

However, I recently started shopping at Sam’s more than ever after a big change. Here’s why.

Changing my membership made Sam’s Club an even better deal

I have increased the amount of shopping I do at Sam’s Club for one simple reason. I signed up for the Plus membership because it allowed our household to really save money on glasses (even after we added the cost of the membership to our credit card).

A Sam’s Club Plus membership comes with many benefits that my previous membership did not offer. But the two most important added benefits for me are free shipping and 2% cash back on Sam’s Club purchases. And both of these Plus membership perks have significantly increased the amount of shopping I do at the big box store.

The extra 2% savings I am able to achieve on Sam’s products is obviously a huge benefit as it makes all the deals at the storage club even better. When combined with the cash back I get from my credit card, I end up saving almost 5% on every purchase I make at Sam’s now, so my money goes further.

However, free shipping had the biggest impact. Because now I don’t have to go to the store to get my big items from Sam’s – I can shop right from the comfort of my home on my computer. So if I want to make an impulse buy late at night or just pick up an item or two, I no longer automatically go to Amazon, but I can check Sam’s prices first to see if I can get a better deal (which I often do).

When I had to drag two kids with me to the car and then to the storage club, or else potentially pay for shipping on my purchases, it just wasn’t worth any of the savings Sam provided in most cases.

But once that obstacle was removed, my spending at Sam’s went way up. And that’s not a bad thing, because I was able to transfer some of my shopping to this big box store where I get better deals. So my overall spending actually went down – especially with the cash back.

Is Sam’s Club Plus Membership Right For You?

A Sam’s Club Plus membership is definitely more expensive than a standard membership, costing $110 compared to $50. But savings on eyeglasses, generic prescription drugs, and other drugstore items can sometimes more than cover this extra cost if you take advantage of these deals—and that’s not even mentioning free shipping and cash back.

Ultimately, the right membership level for you depends on how often you shop at Sam’s and whether or not you take advantage of those extra benefits. So be sure to take the time to consider whether a higher membership level is the better choice, as sometimes spending a little more up front can save you a fortune in the long run.

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