Hydrogen Economy – Bloom Energi partners to serve the markets in Spain and Portugal

Hydrogen Economy – Bloom Energi partners to serve the markets in Spain and Portugal.

Bloom Energi (NISE:BE) has partnered with Telam Partners, a leading senior advisory firm specializing in the financing and market entry of energy, infrastructure and technology projects, to expand Bloom’s footprint in Spain and Portugal.

The two companies will market and deploy the Bloom Electrolizer as well as Bloom’s energy servers, supporting customers with solutions that can effectively meet their energy security needs and demand for green hydrogen.

Tim Schweikertsenior general manager of international business development, Bloom Energy Inc. he said:

Business and political leaders are looking for clean technologies and energy solutions.

“Bloom is now engaged in addressing these priorities in Spain and Portugal.” Telam is the partner of choice, supporting Blum’s long-term commitment to the Iberian Peninsula and to respond immediately to green transition policies and environmental imperatives.”

Jaime MaletCEO of Telam Partners, said:

At Telam, we are excited to be working with the leader in solid oxide fuel cells on the very important and urgent challenge of the renewable energy transition.

“We are convinced that Spain and Portugal, thanks to the abundance of wind and solar resources, are among the clearest candidates to lead the production of green hydrogen in Europe.”

In line with Spanish and Portuguese goals to become global green hydrogen hubs, Telam and Bloom will market Bloom’s solid oxide electrolyser. With impressive efficiency confirmed in testing at the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, the Bloom Electrolizer provides hydrogen with a low cost of ownership.

Furthermore, the Bloom Electrolizer is well suited for large-scale installations, as well as projects such as ammonia synthesis and renewable fuels, which can be integrated with the electrolyzer.

Telam and Bloom will also market Bloom’s highly efficient Energi Server™ fuel cells for decarbonizing port activities when ships are in port. Blum’s flexible fuel technology, which can run on natural gas, biogas or hydrogen, produces electricity without combustion and reduces carbon emissions compared to auxiliary diesel generators typically used for shore power.

This represents Bloom Energi’s first deal for the Iberian Peninsula. It confirms Blum’s commitment to the European market, having announced the installation of its power platform at Ferrari’s Italian factory and a strategic partnership for the Italian market with engineering, procurement and construction company CEFLA in 2022.

In addition, Bloom will join several power generation and hydrogen conferences across the peninsula to showcase Bloom’s products and solutions. These will be opportunities to introduce Blum to decision makers in the region and beyond.

For more information about Bloom Energi’s decarbonization platform and the company’s commitment to a net-zero future, visit:

Bloom Energi Partners to Serve Spanish and Portuguese Markets, SAN JOSE, CA and MADRID, January 8, 2023.

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