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A viral TikTok video claims that the Titanic never sank

A viral video that has garnered more than 11 million views on TikTok claims a very convincing theory that the real Titanic never sank.

Instead, a woman named Mia believes that the Olympic ship was deliberately sunk – to avoid the exorbitant costs that would be required to repair it.

“I was a Titanic kid, which means I literally knew every single fact about the Titanic,” says Mia. “My a** would sit and watch documentaries for hours and hours and hours. But when I heard this theory, it all made sense.”

“The White Star Line — a super important shipping company built three super important ships. We have the Titanic, the Olympic and the Britannic,” she adds. The British company was one of the most prominent shipping lines in the world, providing passenger and cargo services between the British Empire and the United States at the time.

“The British went first — it was a warship and people say it was hit like a land mine in the water.” But no, it’s not. A German submarine hit it with a torpedo and it sank.

“As you can see, she looks like the Titanic.” Just like different colors. And you can see where he’s hit.”

The Britannic was used as a hospital ship in 1915 and had green and white livery. On the morning of November 21, 1916, it sank, taking the lives of 30. 1,036 people survived.

There were conflicting reports as to whether the ship sank from an enemy submarine or whether it was due to a mine.

A viral video on TikTok explains how the Titanic never actually sank, but was a conspiracy to collect insurance money.
A viral video on TikTok explains how the Titanic never actually sank, but was a conspiracy to collect insurance money.

“And then we have the Olympic and the Titanic.” They look identical,” Mia continues in the video. “Olympics was on the water for a while. She was reaching for a pension and they knew it. They said there was a lot of money to build the Titanic, and there would be even more money to fix the Olympic. So what if we just sent the Olympic instead, sunk that hoe, claimed some insurance money and then just ditched the Titanic as if it were the Olympic for some spare parts.”

British in colour.
British in colour.

The 883-foot wreck was discovered in 1975 by the famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau.
The 883-foot wreck was discovered in 1975 by the famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau.
Jacques Cousteau

Mia believes that no one really knew what the inside of the Titanic actually looked like, except for the people who built it – suggesting that it would be easy to reverse the two.

“Who knew? “No one would know,” she says.

Mia then describes some notable people who decided at the last minute not to board the Titanic, including JP Morgan – a prominent banker, and who ironically owned the White Star Line.

Milton Hershey, of the famous Hershey’s chocolate brand, also did not board the Titanic even though he had already paid a deposit. Instead, he went to America, a German line, because the businessman was needed earlier than expected at his chocolate factory.

Olympic Games RMS.
Olympic Games RMS.
United States Library of Congress

RMS Titanic departs Southampton on April 10, 1912.
RMS Titanic departs Southampton on April 10, 1912.
Francis Godolphin Osborne Stewart

Mia, however, doesn’t mention the Vanderbilts — who also made a last-minute decision not to go on the Titanic.

“Were they told not to because they knew they were going to fucking sink anyway?” Mia asks, also noting that the window numbers don’t match.

“The Titanic has 14 windows on the side and the Olympic has 16. So magically, by the grace of God, the grace of Jesus, the Titanic had 16 windows on the side the day she left. They just added two more for parties? Not.”

In the end, her argument in support of the theory fell on two boats that were nearby – the SS Californian, believed to be the only ship that saw the Titanic, or at least its rocket – but did nothing to help.

Instead, it was the Carpathia, which arrived 2 hours after the Titanic had already sunk to help any remaining survivors.

“We don’t know where she is.” [SS Californian] left, but it wasn’t the Titanic,” says Mia. “Carpathia is. Carpathia was several hours away and by the time he got there, the ship would be gone, the ship would have already sunk. Convenient.”

“Also every time they advertise the Titanic, they use pictures from the Olympians.” They took pictures of the inside of the Olympics and used it as an advertisement.

“I’m not wrong.”

In response, people were convinced.

“I didn’t have titanic conspiracy on my 2023 bingo card 😳,” one person responded to the video.

“It was planned.. Example: JP Morgan had more than one rival on the Titanic.” He retired and they died, making his business a success,” said another person, adding to the conspiracy.

“No bc [sic] why does this make sense (also titanic kids uniting✊).” One viewer agreed.

“As another titanic kid I LIVE for this video,” wrote another.

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